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Alchemy Shop with crystals, sage, alchemy furniture with light codes, candles and more magic for you and your Home/Temple.


Starsalchemy is a project that is oriented towards facilitating the processes of Awakening in the most up-to-date, modern way.


Sound and Vibration are my favorite activities .

Ivaylo Dobrev


Alchemical products, crystals and magic are my passion.

Rumyana Velichkova

Events at StarsCosmos

  • Развръзка с Майката
    Развръзка с Майката
    Thu, May 23
    May 23, 2024, 6:40 PM – 9:00 PM
    София, ж.к. Стрелбище, ул. „Косово поле“ 11, 1408 София, България
Звук и Вибрация

Sound and Vibration

Crystal Vibration. Universal Frequency.

As we are awakening to our true self, we should turn more and more to sound and vibration, as methods of tuning, purifying and harmonizing, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, since the process of shedding density is quite heavy.

We offer to your attention Sound Therapy , as well as Sound Journey. 

Free Guided Meditations with crystal bowls



Our alchemical furniture with lightcodes and crystals are here to purify, harmonize and recharge the energy of your home and/or workplace. 

Мебели със Светлинни Кодове

Alchemical Furniture

Sage / incense

A certain combination of herbs purifies a home, object, person, animal, and another opens the mind to clear visions with specific intentions.

Sage's secret is in pure and clear, true intention, because it sanctifies the combination of herbs.

How to use?

Before you smoke in your home, office or yourself - open the windows so that everything unnecessary can come out. More on daily incense, here .

Бяла Салвия
Пречиставне на Кристали с кристална купа


Friendly Help

Stones and crystals are living beings that are part of earth's structure and can communicate directly with us. 

White Texture


New Astrology

This is an entire online book (in Bulgarian) of about 500 pages, in which you will find truly invaluable synthesized knowledge - about the deep meanings of each astrological sign. 

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