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Ивайло Добрев

Заповядайте да се потопим заедно в света на Звездите и Звуците

Individual Sound-Vibration Sessions

The effect and results of working with Sound and Vibration depend both on the personal intention of the one who performs them, and on the level of consciousness and intention of the one who undergoes them. They help profoundly to process dense energy.

Sound healing can be focused on a specific problem, as each energy center is very precisely related to specific life circumstances. The intention is to bring harmony to the energy field and physical body, while upgrading with lightcodes.


Therapy sessions

If you want to work on yourself and/or a specific theme - come to individual sound sessions, in which we specifically target sound therapy on mental, emotional, mental or physical blockages. The meetings are held in no more than 5 days and can be 3 (100 BGN per session), 5 (90 BGN per session) or 7 (80 BGN per session), respectively.

It is good to know that this is a serious energy readjustment and requires dedication and awareness of the accompanying processes in one's life. I reserve the right, as the facilitator of the sessions, to consider the duration, efficiency and anything involving the dynamics of the process at any time.

Individual sessions most often include Tibetan bowls, shaman bowls, koshi bells, tuning forks and other healing instruments.

Singing Bowl

Tibetan Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls are a means of restoring and harmonizing the energy flowing through the body and the vibration of each of its parts.


The sound they emit has the property of synchronizing the waves emanating from the brain with the sound waves of the bowl, and so they lead the sensation of sound not only to the senses, but also to every cell of the human body.


Tuning Forks

Tuning tuning forks are tuned to specific frequencies that restore and "recall" the organs and cells, their divine and primal tones, restoring health and vitality. 

They can be used to work on a specific health problem. I have different sets for brain waves, internal organs, skin bones and more.


Big Tibetian Bowl 

You are welcome to enter this basin that balances our entire energy field. You need to book your session at least a day before. It takes about 15 minutes and the price is BGN 35.


Tibetan Bowls Training for Beginners

Individual Training according to your time and pace 

During this Beginner's Training you will gain the fundamental theory needed to work with Tibetan Singing Bowls as well as technical skills. You will get the opportunity to create a basic personal sound session, which they will be able to practice afterwards.

You will also be introduced with the energy processes that accompany the work with Sound and Vibration.


The "Sound and Vibration" training includes Theory, Technical part and Practical part. The theory is sent as a file. We hold a meeting to clarify unclear points from it, if any.

1 hour of technical work with a Tibetan bowl hammer.

2 hours of work on a model to build a Personal Sound Session.

4 hours of work on a model, everyone brings one :)

Model exam on the learned material and Graduation - Starsalchemy Certificate for Tibetan Bowls Training for Beginners.


Price - BGN 700 (can be paid in two installments)

Astrological Consultations

Here you can Book an appointment and meet my reading of the astrological placements in your Birth Chart, based on my many years of research in the vastness of astrology combined with my Love for it. For 8 years, I have been actively and professionally engaged in reading and supporting the awareness of aspects and potentials hidden in us, as a helping tool for a level of personal work and self-understanding.

Light Exhibition


The requested service takes place in the form of an online conversation, or live (Kosovo Pole St. #11, South Park) or recorded.


Karma is related to the Law of Cause and Effect. Actions from our past, or parallel lives, are imprinted and have consequences in the present. The karmic reading shows the karmic debts in the birth chart - which areas of life it affects, the causes, consequences and ways of working them out in the current reincarnation.

Retro Clock and Glowing Lights


The requested service takes place in the form of an online conversation, or live (Kosovo Pole St. #11, South Park) or recorded.


The annual forecast contains guidelines regarding the current and future influence of the planetary configurations on the Birth Chart (for a period of 1 year), and the impulses send to the Individual. "What's coming up" in every sphere of life - partnerships, home, professional appearance, close environment, long and short trips, personal finances, health, etc.

Holding Hands


The requested service takes place in the form of an online conversation, or live (Kosovo Pole St. #11, South Park) or recorded.


Synastry is a method by which, by superimposing two cards on one another, show the potentials of relationships -  crossing points, conflict zones, karmic moments, specific interactions, ways of working out. 

Old Payphones


"Answer a Question" includes an answer to ONE asked question, and its examination, interpretation through the prism of Astrology.



The requested service is received in the form of an online conversation. Considers the Organization, the Company, as a living being, as it is, and its energy system and structure - strengths and weaknesses, main purpose, interactions, cash flows.

Star Formation

Неподвижни Звезди – 150лв

Този прочит съдейства да узнаем каква е нашата вътрешна, душевна, история/митология и е свързан конкретно с важните позициите на Неподвижните звезди в нашите астрологични карти, и тяхното значение и смисъл.

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