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About us

Starsalchemy is a project that is aimed at facilitating the processes of Awakening, Ascension and Enlightenment in the most up-to-date manner.

Our history

Starsalchemy was created as a result of the meeting of two people seeking knowledge and self-awareness, later became a joint project, which aims to spread organic understanding, awareness and tools to reconnect to one's Divinity. 

Our main focus are Guided Meditations, Sound and Vibration, Organic and Handmade Products - as aids to relieve the tension that is created in the Body during the Ascension and Awakening Processes, while transforming dense energy.


We offer tools for Healing from Mother - Earth - Nature, Sound and Vibration to expand the Consciousness. As well as remind ourselves how to trust our inner knowing and power for healing and growth, making a direct connection with Source.

The team

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