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Alchemical Pharmacy

Come and browse our various blends of Bulgarian herbs for teas, incense blends with resins, aromatic bundles and herbal candles for the home.

Sage / incense

Alchemical transformation


Why saging

Ritual smoke during ceremonies is an ancient tradition. Most religions and spiritual communities have used the sacred smoke for purification for millennia.

Different types of herbs, resins, oil trees were used in rituals, prayers, meditations.

Today, saging is more of a daily ritual that helps balance our own energy and the energy around us. Our home is our temple and it needs energy cleansing every now and then.

Like taking a shower, by saging we purify our Aura.

Sage, or incense, on the one hand help the processes of maintaining healthy vibrational frequencies, and on the other synchronizes them with higher realities and earth frequencies.

Why is saging effective?

White Sage / White Salvia

Relatively recently, it was discovered that saging is actually one of the strongest antiseptic technologies ever discovered. In 2007, a scientific report from the Journal of Ethnopharmacology reported that one hour of "medical smoke" reduced bacteria in the air by more than 94%. And this effect remains in the room for more than 24 hours. When we burn sage or other herbs, negative ions are released, which automatically purify the space. The Latin name for sage is Salvia, in translation  - healthy. Palo Santo, which means "Sacred Tree", is also associated with its strong ability to balance, pacify and contribute to harmony in and around us.


It is recommended in case of great stress, sadness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks - to sage often to balance out the Aura and living space. This removes dense energy, headaches, fatigue and increases our vitality. 

Tip: Pay more attention to corners, balconies and around your bed when saging, dense energy tends to gather there.


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