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The Man, the Heart, the Throat

Why are Women so systematically and titanically crushed by the forces that want to enslave Man and Humanity. Because if the Woman awakens, she is able to awaken the Man's Heart, and when the Man awakens his Heart, he can remember Who He is and Where He Came From, then he can go higher, to his Throat Center, and begin to Create through the Creative Word and express Divine Truth. Then there is nothing that can withstand this Awakened and Expressed Divine Truth. And this is precisely one of the goals of the ruling extraterrestrial and earthly elite - to keep the Woman crushed, enslaved, distorted, subjugated to fear and vanity, so that she does not wake up, so that she does not wake up the Man, and his Throat, which is basically crushed by lies and silence.

Only the Man with an awakened heart can compassionately express the Truth. Because the Heart is both Light and Center. But the real Heart of the Man is the Woman. From her he draws both Light and Center and Love. So the Truth is never pleasant, but it is life-affirming and quite useful. For some - harmful, even radioactive.



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