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Love and Wisdom

Christ is Love - our Sun that strengthens, charges with Energy and Light, and nourishes the entire Solar System and Life in it. Sophia - Wisdom - The Feminine Principle that sustains life with Wisdom and Intelligence.

Therefore the Woman stands and thinks. A woman thinks more than even a man. When we say that the Woman is not connected with her Heart, it means that she is not connected with the Principle of Love in herself, with her Inner Christ, with the Light. She stands and thinks, but her thinking is not yet Wisdom, she thinks "in the dark", because in this thinking there is no Light, or Love, or - she has not connected with her Groom yet. When she connects with the Light of her Heart, with her Groom, her thinking is illuminated by Love and becomes Wisdom. The same goes for the Man.

The Christ-Sophia Principle is the "Love - Wisdom" Principle which is the expression of Life here.

Love always gives. A man must always give without expecting to receive, as the Sun does, and the Principle of Love - Christ.

If it is also connected with the second Solar Principle - the Female Principle of Wisdom - Sophia, it gives with Reason. Gives reasonably. And gives REASON. Because what he can give is only what he is - Love, and Wisdom - Reason.

Giving Reason With Love and Love with Reason is a union of the two Solar Principles - Masculine and Feminine - Christ and Sophia.

Ivaylo Dobrev


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