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The Rise of the Man

(Or the return of our Power.)

Speaking of collective ascension or coming out of the schemes of the corrupt false matrix, we are collectively going through the process of Divine Union. (Unification of our Masculine and Feminine energies or ending the War.)

Everyone talks about the power of the woman, the goddess and shakti makti, how strong we women are, what incredible limits we raise, how we handle everything ourselves and are invincible, unique, self-sufficient. Do you see decent men, it turned out that there are none, she "let him go". Even those with statements like "you have to give birth to him" and after a while they say, well "he threw himself at his father like that." There is no pleasure. However, these are manipulation programs and codes that deliberately direct our attention to perversion and absolute separation.

Woman is a big plastic soulless nothing without Man. Inside and outside.

What is society, the family, what are the structures, companies, countries - powdered, inflated, plastic dolls on threads, with an extremely false value system, separated and unfriendly, always defending imaginary borders.

Why did it happen? Because denying the Man, we deny OUR POWER, denying our whole self. However, the only way to get this power back is by looking the TRUTH in the eyes and starting to process the corrupt cells - yes traumas, karakonjuli, shadow... The truth - about everything and everyone, whatever it is, no matter how much pain it brings.

The man is the representative of the Truth. And this is the year of Truth and the collective ascension of male energy - without it we are doomed. Who do you think will destroy the fake structures? Who will build our new world? Who will guard, protect from the Lie? It will not be the "Goddesses" of the cocoa ceremonies, it will be their men, supported by their Love. Because a woman is pure Love and nothing else. Nothing else.

What has been happening in the last years on Earth, and everyone is wondering why it is so difficult to be together, is this process also called Hieros Gamos. It's not romantic, it's titanically difficult and you know it.

However, on steroids and silicone, the phallus is not stable for long. And they had to be vomited along with all the codes that distracted us from the Heart and true feelings. This applies to each of us because we are sentient beings who feel before anything else.

Do you know what follows on a global level after the collective return to our organic state of Divine Union?

Next comes a New World built of complete beings - and they can only create Light together.


Rumyana Velichkova


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