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Twin Flame Pairs

The original Twin Flame Pairs on the Planet are 12, as many as the Zodiacal Constellations, plus 1 – Ophiuchus, who is the Master Alchemist and Protector of all Pair Flames. All other Twin Flames and soulmates on the planet right now - assist to the particular pair of transformers.


Each pair experiences and expresses the polar opposite and specific energetics of the Zodiacal Constellation it represents, while also being its purification station on the Earth Plane of all corrupt energies, Overlays, imprints, seals, and AI programs of control and distortion. It appears as a physical alchemical purifier. For example, the Couple representing the Virgo-Pisces Axis aims to alchemize and purify, and restore the original, Earth-Plane Divine Template of Union Energies of the Virgo-Pisces Constellation – or the original Star Template of the Solar Christ-Sophia, Michael-Mary Lines of service to humanity, through which it may again know itself and its right as a Free Cosmic Citizen, with all the resulting Rights and Responsibilities.


Each Cosmic, Stellar Twin  Flame Pair literally melts the Constellation - specific density, through all their bodies, here in this reality, collecting all the fragments of all realities, dimensions and densities.

In 4 of the Constellations lie the 4 Guardians, or the 4 Royal Stars, who are the Guides and the Elder Flames of the rest, respectively taking on the more difficult missions of processing these energies, namely – the Guardian of the North – Regulus – The Heart of the Lion, the Guardian of the South - Fomalhaut - the Mouth of the Fish (Aquarius), the Fear of the West - Antares - the Heart of the Scorpion (Scorpio), and Aldebaran (the Bull's Eye) (Taurus) - or the Uncorrupted Version of Archangel Michael. These are the Flame Guardians of the Fixed Cross.


The Flames of the Cardinal Cross - Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn - are the Flames that lead to Initiation and Final Liberation, and they have the task of becoming irrevocable and firm in the Preservation and Defense of the Divine Wholeness Energy.

The Flames of the Movable or Mutable Cross - Gemini/Sagittarius, Virgo-Pisces, are tasked to selflessly serve and spread Oneness among mass Humanity through conscious synthesis, humble, secret service, and unwavering pursuit of the goal of Oneness.

As Ophiuchus continually pours, heals, and alchemizes Divine Blessings into the work of these 6 pairs of Flames.

The 12 Flames must become 6 pairs, melting the polarity - the polar opposite, and thus becoming One Sign - the lower Sign must sacrifice itself for the Higher and merge with His Higher Principle. Virgo must sacrifice and disappear into Pisces, Gemini must surrender its achieved Oneness to the Purpose of the Plan - Sagittarius, Scorpio must surrender all its transformative power to the “All - Seeing Eye” from which flows the Light of Taurus. The self-aware and self-centered Leo must pour his energies into the Group Service of Aquarius. Thus, and after this Fusion, they begin to interact actively and consciously with Ophiuchus. And so 13 become 7. 7 Fused Divine Fire Unities working to transform the Human Evolution and bring Heaven down to Earth, or fully restore and Deify an Organic Matrix.


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