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Twin Flames

Whatever they tell you, I strongly believe that what is happening on Earth right now has never happened before in this form and there is no one to tell us how the process will unfold.

The old model of 3D relationships based on attachments and possessions is proven not to work.

More and more people are meeting their Twin Soul - a Path that leads to complete true Love for oneself, the whole and the Source itself. Path of Atonement of apparent polarities.

The soulmate is our own mirror. We are one energy unit, one vibrational DNA. We share one mind and one heart.

Meeting your Twin Flame is the most wonderful and terrifying experience of our existence so far. Next is the awakening of the Kundalini energy and the multi-layered purification of the chakras and our subtle bodies. And when this process begins, the desire to escape rises, but let's be honest - who can escape from themselves? A face to face meeting with ourselves with this difference that every emotion, feeling, trauma and blockage is multiplied to the nth degree, in all times, spaces, realities and densities.

This is a mission. For a new kind of existence and communication. By uniting Heart and Mind.

The Mission is the Path, to reach a new planetary frequency, and Love is the vibration.

Rumyana Velichkova


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