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Twin Flames

Over the last few years the subject of Twin Flames/Souls has been so debated/chewed that much of its true meaning has been lost/distorted, to the extent that the association that arises in our mind is associated with "trend" - fashion.

What is the personal truth, however, that those involved in such relationships experience, remains hidden and far from being talked about (not that it is easy to talk about it, as we face the walls of Fear head-on, our deepest, unconscious/ hidden, shadowy patterns we have taken for our Being).

At the moment of our Planet, due to the raising of its vibration, and the completion of several cosmic cycles (small and large) at the same time, our existence in pure Love becomes not desirable, but a necessary condition. Once we have this condition of "experiencing and achieving/dwelling in unconditional love", in the breakdown of the Old, or definitions of "Love", in recent years more and more people have begun to meet their Divine expressions of Love in its various varieties - "Soul Mates', ' Divine Connections', 'Twin Souls' .The confusion/obsession with everyone in difficult relationships with high attraction being "Twin Souls" stems from the fact that in order to move into a state of Unconditional Love, we must express our polarity and reset it.

In fact, the form does not matter, but the achievement itself, and the response of this dynamic in ourselves, is important. Also, many creatures like to feel extremely special (in this way). However, this desire stems from trauma, not from a deep heartfelt sense of the truth of this relationship.The goal is the establishment of Balance in all Parts - Man/Woman/Woman/Male/Time-Space/Space-Time/Matter-Antimatter/, and it is not important what Body we are in - male or female. It is important insofar as it can help overcome the imbalances vis-à-vis society that exist in the group ethic of each Twin Flame, for instance.

The main "obstacles" to transform: race, gender, social status, religion. All this melting of the pattern of Separation from the original inner unity, is a serious alchemical work that each one must do first with himself, then interacting with the other, then together interacting with the world, until the melting of all differences, which does not mean loss of individuality, but on the contrary - living with and in the authentic one at all levels.

We live in a Time-Space where Love in its purest sense is what we can go on. By denying these Divine Connections, we are in constant resistance to change and unable to cope with ongoing processes. The fact is that these relationships can be very challenging as they meld and align polarities, and balance personal and collective karma. But in this path of melting is hidden alchemical gold, which is not given just like that, on the contrary. Because everything that is not Us but is still in us and in our minds and bodies is against this process. Which doesn't make it bad, but it creates the necessary friction to ignite the spark within us. Do not look for the correct terminology for the strong attraction/repulsion you experience, but look for the truth in your Heart, for it invariably knows it, and remain, but also actively participate in this Divine Alchemical Process of merging Two Universes. As we know in each of us there is both male and female energy - Love/Wisdom, and each of us initially has more of one in imbalance with the other. At this level of Manifestation - the Feminine energy needs to implement more Wisdom, while the Masculine is originally wise and needs to integrate more Love to reach this Fullness - Love-Wisdom-Wisdom-Love. And only then can these relationships be manifested on a physical level, which is ahead for All of Us. This is the aspect of the Christ Consciousness in whose Manifested, Evolving, Co-creative Universe we move, live and exist.

Therefore, Dear Star Alchemists, continue the Great Inner Battle - this is the greatest test of our Personality for the Eternal Manifestation of our Spark.

Ivaylo and Rumyana - Goose Thunders :-))


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