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Until a Man begins to see beyond the linear-matrix thinking with which he is programmed to constantly survive and protect, he will not be able to connect with his inner woman and her boundless, healing and magical Love to radiate outward, for to experience it in matter, finding its physical embodiment and expression, and together to remake the World.

For this purpose, however, many of us have agreed to participate in so-called "hybrid alliances", between two different races, through which to clear certain DNA templates/programs - these are pure and simple "work contracts". After their passing, each will recognize the being of their own Race, and these unions will not be related to having children, responsibilities around them, or "work contracts", but pure Love.

The heaviest implants are placed in the Third Eye and Second Chakra. A constant sense of guilt and a constantly inverted and blurred or totally impossible view of Truth keep beings captive.

After the Sun's now almost constant outbursts, the solar codes with which the Earth is irradiated do not, and increasingly will not, allow any Lie to exist, and its unveiling is occurring on many levels at a tremendous speed and pace.

In the end everyone will get what IS. And only what IS. And nothing but what really IS. Indeed, the processes are not easy, at times they are even terrible. But isn't it wonderful?

For some beings who have chosen not to participate in this scenario, it is as if nothing different or new is happening, and indeed it will be. Because they will go on and on in the parallel reality-prison-matrix, with all its "scumbags" formatting and sub-"secured" experiences. Too bad there are no realities and timelines of any kind, and for everyone from the heart there is.

Whether it is or not, it will still be!

Ivaylo Dobrev


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