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Fluorite Ball

Fluorite Ball


This crystal comes in a combination of different colors (green, purple, blue, yellow, even white). It acts unifying our entire energy flow, and most strongly supports and protects the Heart with its vibration. Extremely gentle and loving.

  • Use

    Ball crystals are very suitable for everyday work with them. While reading, watching something or talking to someone, you can hold one ball in each hand and pass them around like a game.

    Leave yourself to your feelings. As the crystals are quite strong we recommend leaving them when you feel discomfort.

    The spoon is only for decoration and to give you an approximate idea of the size of the stone.

    Each stone is a different size, shape and color.

  • Описание

    *Нашите кристали са пречистени и пренастроени на хармонични и здравословни честоти чрез Звукова Баня, със звуково-вибрационните ни инструменти.

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