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The septaria is perhaps the most powerful stone we have come across. It also bears the name Dragon's Egg, it is considered the most ancient on the planet.

A crystal that very strongly attracts and magnetizes to itself.

The septaria is a symbol of a whole in division/or male and female energy.

Helps to transform karma and energy blockages. Also known as the stone of the Twin Flames.

  • Use

    This is one of the stones that tell itself precisely and specifically where and how they want to be used. Some people do not part with them all day, others put them under pillow.

    Allow yourself to fully connect and feel the desire and guidance of this stone.

  • Описание

    *Нашите кристали са пречистени и пренастроени на хармонични и здравословни честоти чрез Звукова Баня, със звуково-вибрационните ни инструменти.

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