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Home Cleaning Box

Home Cleaning Box


Home is a reflection of the Soul. When we keep our Home clean, we also keep our Soul clean.

The contents of this Box will bring more cleanliness, peace and comfort to your Home, and will fill your Soul with incense!

  • Description

    What does the Box contain?

    Affirmations  - To speak in the purification of the energy of our home.

    Sage White Salvia with 1 pc. Palo Santo

    White sage - clearing the mind of obsessive thoughts, clearing the mind, raising spiritual awareness, clearing the room / object / aura of foreign energies.

    How to use?

    It is desirable that the sage be lit by candlelight. Hold on the fire for 10-20 seconds, then the flame is blown out, the sage is placed in a fireproof container and the smoke it forms begins to smoke. It is important to always open a window to let stagnant energy out. You can repeat in your mind -  "Let the unnecessary, heavy energy voluntarily leave space (the object, my mind)  and go out the window / door. "

    When we're done, we can put out the smoking sage in the sand provided.

    Do not leave the lit / smoking sage unattended!

    Palo Santo - The sacred tree with its delicate aroma lifts the mood and purifies from unwanted energies. It is believed to symbolize unconditional Love and accordingly raises the vibrations.

    How to use?

    It is desirable that the Palo Santo stick be lit by a candle. Hold on the fire for 10-20 seconds, after it burns well, the flame is blown out and the smoking stick is circled around the space or object. We open the window / door again so that the air can be purified.

    When we are done, we can put out the smoking stick in the provided sand.

    Don't leave the burning / smoking Palo Santo unattended!

      Sumatra Benzoa Resin  - Incense resin is used to purify the space of denser energy and with its gentle slightly vanilla aroma contributes to a better mood. (10g)

    Sandarak resin  - Sandarak resin (incense), also called "Sandarak Tears" because of its shape - is a wonderful means of soothing and purifying. With its light aroma it harmonizes the atmosphere and gives a general feeling of balance and peace.

    Stand and charcoal for incense

    Sand  - Sage / Palo Santo Extinguishing Sand - When placed in a fireproof container, sand is a great way to extinguish a smoking sage.

    Feather  - used to disperse smoke in the desired direction of purification (person / object / space).

    Shield Spray  - The spray can be used to protect the space instead of incense with Palo Santo / Sage. Suitable for panic attack, severe stress, anxiety, fear. Ingredients: incense and orange oil, moon water, alcohol, lavender water, Himalayan salt, light codes, obsidian (100ml)

    How to use: Spray in the space around us. Imagine making a big circle over your head.


    Keep away from eyes and skin.

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