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Crystals, Minerals, Stones


Different types of minerals and crystals are used in different esoteric practices. Crystal energy has been used for healing and expanding consciousness. Each type of Crystal has a unique vibrational energy.


Every living being of Creation has an evolving consciousness that is part of God.

The Kingdom of Minerals, Stones, Crystals - In this Earth Cycle this is the First Natural Kingdom - the Kingdom of Devi. They are the architects of the physical forms we see. They teach us Love and Understanding.

Nature longs to work with us, because through this interaction it raises its consciousness, and on the other hand the Human Kingdom gains access to the eternal source of Love.


Stones and Crystals are living consciousnesses part of the Earth's energy grid, or rather keepers of information. They also play the role of transmitters and emitters of energy from Earth to space and from space to Earth.


Crystals can also be used as hard disks, they contain a compressed thought-idea, which is saved or stored by the Crystal, and then can be extracted, emitted from it.

How to choose your Crystal?

If you are very attracted to a specific Crystal, this is a reason enough to get it. It doesn't necessarily have to be for your Astrological Sign, chakra or health issue.

Let your heart connect to the crystal that attracts you the most. It knows what we need better than we do.

In the Kingdom of Crystals (as in other Natural Realms), there are also members that are dark (negative) in nature - either energy-consuming and others that are positive or energizing. Trust your intuition and inner knowing.


How are Crystals stored?

Crystals like to be put often in sunlight and open spaces.

Crystals can be stored in open containers made of natural materials. If you store crystal in the dark for a long time, then the crystal should be charged in sunlight for optimal performance.

How are Crystals cleaned?

After a certain period of time, the Crystal can accumulate various forms of negative or static energies - such as electronic pollution, negative thought forms, noise. These unbalanced energies of the Crystal are transmitted to the outer surface and can affect the emission of positive, vibrating energy. The crystal can break or change as it balances partially unbalanced energies. Some of the signs that the Crystal needs to be cleaned are the decrease of the amount of energy it emits, unpleasant feeling when touched, change of color.

For quick cleansing - The crystal is kept for about a minute under running water, between palms, imagining that it is filled with white light, we thank him with love for his work.

The second method is by saging with resins, herbs or sage.

For a more complete cleansing crystals can also be buried in sea salt for 1 to 7 days, because sea salt attracts, like a magnet non-harmonic energies.

If the crystal has been subjected to a particularly strong negative influence, you can bury it underground for 7 days and ask the Devi of the Earth Crystal to help.


How to charge Crystals?

Put the crystal in direct sunlight for about 6 hours or until sunset. They can also be charged with concentrated thought-form-affirmation: "This Crystal is Filled with Love and Life Energy from the Center of the Earth."


After some time, the Crystal absorbs non-harmonic energy, which reduces its capacity to generate pure, vital energy. One of the signs of this is that you begin to feel the crystal as if it needs purification, but once you do, you don't feel like it has cleared and restored its energy. Another sign - a feeling of discomfort when touched. When that happens, it means that the Crystal has done everything it can, and it's time to bring it back to Earth with Gratitude.

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