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Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls


*Tibetan singing bowls are a sound-vibrational tool for purifying, harmonizing and balancing our energy systems, Chakras and subtle bodies. Lead to meditative states. They have a good effect on the respiratory, endocrine system and glands with internal sexretion. They relax the muscles and tendons. They have a calming, healing and therapeutic effect.


*You get a hammer and a stand with the bowl.


*You can watch the video in the picture, it describes the Ritual for the Consecration of the Cup, as well as ways of using it. (it is in Bulgarian)

  • Description

    Our bowls are handmade and we have single pieces in different tonality (for different energy centers).
    Contact us for more information :)
    0897037337 Ivailo

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