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Serpentine (Liberation)

Serpentine (Liberation)


This truly magical point shaped stone brings to mind the symbolism of snake skin or the shedding and letting go of something of ourselves that we no longer need. Strongly magical, it helps purify entities, past lives and addictions that are more difficult for us to part with.

  • Use

    Point shaped crystals are very suitable for channeling energy. For example, in meditation, we can direct them outwards or inwards, to receive or discharge energy, respectively.

    Also placed in space, they act as emitters and accordingly protect the energy field.

  • Описание

    *Нашите кристали са пречистени и пренастроени на хармонични и здравословни честоти чрез Звукова Баня, със звуково-вибрационните ни инструменти.

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