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"Koshi" Bells

"Koshi" Bells


Magical Koshy Bells are suitable for sound therapy sessions as well as for meditations and relaxation. Working with them supplies the necessary missing Elements, and helps us better integrate them into our lives and daily routines.


FIRE - Connects us to the element of Fire - male element - courage, determination, spontaneity, breakthrough, warmth, burning everything unnecessary. 

WATER - Connects us with the element "Water" - female energy, brings plasticity, fluidity, movement, purifies the emotional body.

AIR - Connects us with the element "Air" - male energy - lightness, mobility, communicativeness, communication, mentality, acts well on breathing and heart chakra, reduces mental tension and fatigue, eases the work of the nervous system .

EARTH - Connects us with the element "Earth" - female energy, brings peace, harmony, abundance, patience.

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    The holders are not included in the price. For more information about them, you can contact us -

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