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Audio Record - Get Back Inside Sound Activation

Audio Record - Get Back Inside Sound Activation


This is a one-hour deep guided activation to the sound of crystal bowls, tibetan bowls and koshi bells to connect deeply with ourselves, especially when we are at a crossroads or have a specific question.

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    Our activations are highly energetic experiences that activate the inner light. You may feel various emotions, sensitivity in the body and discharge of denser energy, even fear. Have no expectations of exactly how the activation will go - you may fall asleep, you may be restless, you may see pictures, you may not experience any of this. Let go of all expectations and trust the internal process.

    It is advisable to listen to the sound activation with headphones and in complete rest. You can drink a glass of water beforehand, as water is a good energy conductor.

    After purchasing the file - expect an email in which you will receive the recording ready for download. Press the DOWNLOAD button, a little further down in the email itself. 

    If you've clicked on the cash on delivery option, expect an opt-in from us.

    Have a nice return :)

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